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Modify /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

Getting this error when Installing event policy? Installing policy for job [All online jobs] ERROR: Failed to resolve service name – dns Error processing Ignore rule (problematic field – ‘service’) Failed to build correlation policy for event ‘Abnormal activity on service’ Goto Policy -> Event Policy -> Anomalies -> Abnormal activity on service Validate all […]

Symptom: you have internet but MSN ( Messanger ) refuses to load. Solution: Check the MTU of your desktop and the MTU of your gateway / firewall interfaces. Why? I Found MTU of 1300 on gateway lead to MSN not loading.

for 2 quad gigabit cards the example is this vi /etc/modules.conf or vi /etc/modprobe.conf depending on your version of kernel add options e1000 RxDescriptors=4096,4096,4096,4096,4096,4096,4096,4096 TxDescriptors=4096,4096,4096,4096,4096,4096,4096,4096 RxIntDelay=1024