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I recently purchased as ASUS 5770 from my local computer parts supplier.

I read that you can use eyefinity on these cards, given there are 2 DVI outputs and 1 Display port.

What I was expecting

What was supplied

Turns out at some point these cards lost a DVI and Display port, to be replaced with a VGA.

I had to upgrade to a 5850 (+$130 thanks) to get the desired output.

Video card purchasers be warned! Oils aint Oils.

I’ll put some words around this at some point – but here it is as simple as possible.

gparted extend /dev/sda2

fdisk /dev/sda

create new logical partition
set type to 8e

pvcreate /dev/sda6

vgextend ubuntu /dev/sda6

vgdisplay – get free PE

lvextend -L20GB /dev/ubuntu/root

fsck -f /dev/ubuntu/root

resize2fs /dev/ubuntu/root

Checkpoint SPLAT backups are done like so:

backup –sched on 11:00 -w Friday –ftp

Include logs:

backup -l –sched on 11:00 -w Friday –ftp

backup [-h] [-d] [-l] [–purge DAYS] [–sched [on hh:mm <-m DayOfMonth> | <-w DaysOfWeek>] | off] [–tftp [-path ] []]
[–scp [-path ] []]
[–ftp [-path ] []]
[–file [-path ] []]

-d Show debug messages
-l, –logs Back up log files
-h, –help Show this help information
-t, –tftp Transfer backup package to TFTP server
-s, –scp Transfer backup package to SCP server
-v, –ftp Transfer backup package to FTP server
-f, –file Specify local backup package filename
-e, –sched Configure scheduled backup operation
-p, –purge Purge local backup packages older than DAYS